TAMSEN accepts unsolicited poems (up to 5), translations and biopoetics throughout the year. Please visit the website to get a feel for our style. We are particularly interested in the philosophically and politically provocative, the absurd, the erotic, but most of all, the good. We reserve the right to determine exactly what that is. We generally respond within 14 days, unless the wife is pregnant again, then expect delays. Please don't waste your $5 submitting racist doggerel, hate speech, totalitarian manifestos or Grandma poems---c'mon, you know what they are---just use that $5 to buy an ice creme or give it to the homeless, please. 

The small fee simply covers our operating costs--so, Thank You for your support!

Help us make TAMSEN a cool place for readers to spend twenty minutes every week. 

We look forward to reading your work!